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Any one sitting down to eat in Navarre will soon forget those insipid products with impossible flavours that can never be guessed, to discover the real qualities of excellent produce that actually tastes how it should taste, and an extraordinary cuisine. The cuisine is evidence of the love and care of many artisans, farmers and chefs who prepare their products with the care only tradition can offer.

From the market gardens in Navarre there are exquisite artichokes, peppers, particularly those from Lodosa (with bread and wine at hand), delicious gem lettuces from Tudela, tomatoes, asparagus (even King Don Juan Carlos declared loudly that they were Cojonudos (really great) after trying them). Peas, cardoon, lettuce.. just imagine what the mixed vegetable dish tastes like. It’s a good moment to try the borage, a green vegetable that is not well known in the rest of Spain. If you like pulses, when you go through Sanguesa, you can try a rich dish of fresh white beans or “pochas”.

Navarre is also the land of succulent meat such as veal, beef, steak, pork products and particularly the txistorra a popular fresh garlic sausage that many enjoy fried in a sandwich. We cannot forget to mention the game dishes. In the right season, you should try the wood pigeon, partridge, quail, pheasant or boar.

Navarre has very good fish due to the proximity of the sea and also rich river fish, cooked with originality, such as trout Navarre style (trout with ham) and the Salmon from the Bidasoa river. Apart from that, many a fiesta is held with a calderete or stew cooked in the open air with vine wood, made up of potatoes, lamb or rabbit and tomato, or ajoarriero¸ dried cod cooked with potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. In Ujué, you must order migas de pastor or shepherd’s breadcrumbs and almendras garrapiñadas – sugared almonds.

For desert, you could chose between the exquisite cheeses from the Roncal or Idiazabal valleys, or the Junket or Cuajada from Ulzama, the fruit of Navarre and, particularly, the cherries from Milagro and the peaches.

The wine is a chapter in itself. All the same, as the finishing touch to a fantastic meal, there is nothing better than a little glass of home-made pacharán from Navarre, an aniseed sloe-berry drink.



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Navarra is located in a strategic position to be located in the northeast quadrant, the most industrialized of the Peninsula Ibérica.Goza excellent communications with Spanish and foreign markets by providing, in the North, with 143 kilometers of border with France and, therefore, to central Europe.

In this section there are four border crossings with maintaining an active flow with other countries in the EU area.


In the south, the Ebro basin becomes the traditional route to the Mediterranean, with roads on the motorway and rail to the ports of Barcelona, Tarragona and Valencia. Communication with the Atlantic ports is done by the West, where the Basque Country and its industrial concentration fishing trips in Pasajes and Bilbao.


Highways, rail ( and easy access to nearby ports are complemented by the Pamplona airport, where planes land every day from Madrid and Barcelona, as well as special flights from different parts of Spain and especially in other countries European economic and tourism purposes. (


In Bilbao Airport, 150 miles away, no chance to fly with Easyjet ( and Hapag-Lloyd ( between Biarritz and Zaragoza otros.Desde no possibility of flying with Ryanair (












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